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Good news OnScroll working for mobiles apparently

I love the smell of “Since you’ve been gone” popus in the morning.


The updates keeps coming lately, my heart makes double jumps every time. Is this the big update :smiley:
It has been some nice updates to Webflow the last weeks.


Yep updates roll at a steady pace lately, it’s the spring of software (:


Keep it coming. Keep it coming… Am loving it!

Awesome! @vincent Did you see an option for turning scroll animations on mobile off if desired? Because that would be perfect to have the option.

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That’s what I thought immediately but I didn’t even look for such an option, I don’t think it exists.

When asked about Interactions and Breakpoints, the Webflow team has repeatedly acknowledge that it would be a good thing to be able to control activation of interactions per breakpoint. So if something moves on this topic, I rather see this global control being released rather than just an option for OnScroll on mobile.

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I agree that control at breakpoints makes more sense. Anyway, I’m happy with this for now :smile:

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