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Good Domain Provider

Hello Community,

I´m searching for a good domain and mail provider. The requirements are:

  • Cheap domain hosting
  • Compatible with webflow hosting
  • Included Mail services with upgrade possibilities

the last two are nice two have, but not required

  • Possibility to create domain for a client (and e-mail)
  • Possibility of client billing like webflow offers

My actual favourite would be united domains. They are cheap (a .de domain cost the first year 9€ and the second 19€), they are compatible with webflow and including an e-mail service as well. The included mail service, which comes with every domain, but only includes 500MB.

Maybe you have some interesting alternatives for me.


I think all depends on what is your main business here.

I can tell you that if you’re looking for one time solution pretty much every hosting company nowadays can offer the same thing.

If you’re looking to create a business about it you can search for shared hosting, reseller hosting or even VPS server hosting it all depends on what your approach is.

also depends on the level of service (how hands-off) you need or want to be.

A lot of our clients (not saying their stupid)… don’t want to spell “DNS” or learn what it is.

These are businesses - who… in the time I’ve taken to write this response
have spent $10k in operating expenses.

They just want it done.

Ok and which provider do you use for this clients @Revolution?

@Maurice… hey is Gary Michael… I wanted to share a little insight. If you purchase a domain and plan on adding sub-domains… hosting… or multiple sites… and other addons. Basically, if you plan doing more than just buying a domain… make sure you:

  1. Purchase the domain where you plan to host
  2. Purchase a domain that will act as your primary registrar
  3. Add other domains under your main account and just point services to the individual domain
  4. And you plan on building sites for friends or clients, try to keep all the domains on 1 registrar

I know this sounds a little simple, but it will be a really big deal when you scale up; with more sites, more functionality, more plugins, etc. For example if you plan on using 3rd party software applications, and they offer custom domain options, it will be extremely confusing after a while. A big headache you don’t need.

I’ve made this mistake and I understand DNS, Cron jobs, htaccess, Records (MX, Cname), etc. I had 5 domains with GoDaddy, 6 with Namecheap, 8 with Cheap-Domain, and a friend had 2 with Gator… Man it was like… a real mess with we had to set hosting on GoDaddy, add a calendar script pointed to their Gator domain, then added membership script tied into both. I didn’t really consider it before this unique situation occured but after I laid it all out, and did a price comparison, it all added to 10-15 dollars difference. Definitely not worth the hassle. So I just moved everything to GoDaddy, hosted with my primary domain account, then created sub-domain hosting inside my account, which could use their domain that would route to another folder on my primary hosting root directory. Save countless hours of DNS pointing, waiting, adding permissions, etc. I would strongly suggest buy it all on one registrar. The only backdraw to this is drive size and bandwidth, which I upgraded for only $10.

Take Care.

We use as our registrar. They offer hosting as well.

However… every large registrar outsources their hosting. GoDaddy and eNom to be included in “every”.

If you are looking for a reliable registrar… eNom is by far a much better company than GoDaddy.

A lot of people here use GoDaddy. With that said… GoDaddy sucks. We stopped using them 10 years ago.

Our clients are hosted on our own dedicated servers. We run everything internal. No outsourcing.

We also manage our own Microsoft Exchange servers. All dedicated.

Hey @garymichael1313,

thank you for this advise. I think thats a good point to keep in mind.

Hey @Revolution,

also thank you for your advise. I think you are working in a team, when you say that you hosting your clients on your own dedicated server, right? So I´m a Freelancer who doesn´t have this option, so I need to outsource the hosting.


@Maurice… you’re welcome!

We’re big fans of Google Domains. You can read more about it here:

Thank you @brryant, but unfortunately Google Domains are not available in my country :sweat:

As far as I know godaddy is a good domain provider. Did you contact with the yet?

GD is not a domain company. Nor a hosting company.
They are a marketing company.
If you believe they are a domain or hosting business…
then their marketing worked.

oh, but I knew that the are domain company.

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