Good and inexpensive Multi-lang options?

Hi there, other than the below three options, do you guys know other really good and inexpensive providers for turning Webflow websites into multi-language?

hi @anthonychan2509 not ideal but you can check this cloneable.|en)

Nice application of Google Translate on Webflow!
But as there is no way to override incorrect translations, it cannot be used on corporate websites.

I agree, that is why I said is not ideal. :wink: but why corporate website looking for cheap translation, IMO when it it’s important for them they should be ready to pay for services if translation will generate increase of income. Instead of cheapest I will offer the most suitable for their needs. :wink:

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We’re working on a fair-priced multi-lang tool made specifically for Webflow -

It’s not live yet, we’re planning to launch it in Q4, but would love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to build the best multi-lang tool for Webflow and we believe that’s only possible with your feedback.

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Hi, great to hear about that!!! And great to see sub-directory is an option. It would be great if your website could provide more technical info, such as:

  • flexibility of implementing language switch and dropdown
  • a full list of supported languages list with code, like this

There is a big problem of using Weglot in Asia.

The available options for Chinese on Weglot are tw and zh only, which is wrong, clients care about this a lot and it must be right. So, it would be so great if Linguana can provide more options for Chinese, eg. hk, sg, mo, cn, etc.

Do you think linguana can address this issue:
[Weglot] Discover the latest updates (including subdirectories) - #2 by anthonychan2509

Hey Anthony, thanks for your feedback.

You can find the list of supported languages on our page under FAQs. Currently, we’re supporting traditional and simplified Chinese, but we’ll dive deeper into providing more options once the product is out.

If that’s okay, I’d like to reach out when we start working on this to talk more about the problems with the Chinese language and how we can help.

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Sure, happy to help.