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Going to another page after song finishes

Hi. I am wondering if its possible to automatically link to another page once a process completes on a WebFlow page. My idea is to create a multipage website for a music album. Each track will have its own page with a SoundCloud player for that particular track. I would love to be able to auto-advance to the next page (track) once the song finishes. Or … I could look at timing each page and then advance. Is this possible? Please advise and many thanks!

Hi @RFleming5280, sorry for the delay in reply, I wanted to see if I could be of some help here. You can completely control the soundcloud experience, via their API using the html5 widget embed code they provide. See information on that here:

Now, this will require some custom jQuery coding, so you would need to do that yourself, or ask for help on the forum, or get a freelancer to help you, but if you do go this route, which allow you to monitor events, such as the song finishing, to then redirect to any page you want.

The specific event in the html5 widget api that you want to monitor is:

SC.Widget.Events.FINISH — fired when the sound finishes.

and the direct link to the different events possible to monitor is at

I hope this give you some direction to look into. A jQuery coder can implement this without too much difficulty, but it does require some custom code, inserted to your Before Body section of your Custom Code panel in Site Settings. to get it to work.

Cheers, Dave