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Going from holding page to full site w/ Webflow Hosting

Hi Webflow forum!

I’ve had a look around the forums and can’t find anything on the subject, but I’m sure that somebody has come across the same problem.

I have a client project where I’m doing a full website for them. For the time being they need a holding page (they have nothing at the minute, so a holding page with details are required). I will be providing the client hosting through Webflow.

My questions are:

– What would be the best way to push live a holding page, whilst working on the full site?
– What would be the best transition from the holding page to the live site whilst maintaining the client hosting.

My problem being that the client hosting is going to linked to a project and I’m guessing hosting isn’t transferrable between Webflow projects? So once the full site is ready, how can I make the switch whilst maintaining client hosting?

Thanks in advance peeps.


Have the landing page as the default how, and don’t put any link to inner pages inside. Then create another page for the home, and all your other pages for the site. Later, you will tell Webflow that the “home” is the default home.[quote=“danwilko, post:1, topic:34821”]
hosting isn’t transferrable between Webflow projects?

Right, it is not. So work inside ONE unique project with the landing as a home and your development work aside, as I described earlier.

Define the new home as a home and publish the site :slight_smile:

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