Godaddy - Standard UCC SSL Up to 5 Renewal - $499.98

My client just sent me this bill from Godaddy - this is unnecessary with Webflow, right? I can have her cancel the Godaddy SSL? Don’t love that they take advantage of people.

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Also, does anyone have a solid replacement for Godaddy? If one is only using it as a registrar and not to host, who is the best?

I can’t speak with any authority on this, but I’ve used Namecheap as a registrar for my projects for several years now. Don’t have anything negative to say.

I use Cloudflare. Prices are wholesale and I use it for DNS.

I would add that Webflow hosting uses LetsEncrypt SSL certificates that are free. If you had other hosts that used your Godaddy SSL, then you need that or an equivalent.