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GoDaddy Domain Pointed to SSL Hosting Not Working

I’m looking to get this url live: /

(Here’s the staging link:
It should look like this:

I updated my GoDaddy DNS settings late last night, but it’s still not working 8 hours later despite a “successful connection” in Webflow’s admin panel. Would you mind looking through my screenshots to see if I rigged up everything properly? Or if I just need to be patient during propogation? Thanks a ton!

GoDaddy A Records & CNAME:

Webflow Success Message:

IP Lookups:

End Result (Non-Live Website) : (

Any help would be much appreciated.


P.S. The client’s developer originally had the domain redirect to – this still appears in some browsers. Don’t be fooled!

It looks like the domains are pointing to the proper site now; just running into security/ssl certificate issues. I’ll post that in another thread.

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