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Go Daddy Domain Not Secure

Hi I have attached a Go Daddy link to my site via the pop up box Webflow has integrated. My domain has been no secure for a number of days. Also my domain is fully verified with google. Can anyone suggest a fix?



I had similar issue before.

Do you have seperate SSL Godaddy and SSL webflow enabled? If so, only enable ONE of them.

If you have two seperal SSL certs, it may conflict. If you disable Godaddy and/or Cloudflare SSL, and run only Webflow SSL, it should resolve the problem.

Possible Solutions

  • Disable Godaddy SSL, Disable Cloudflare SSL, Enable Webflow SSL
  • Disable Godaddy SSL, Enable Cloudflare SSL, Disable Webflow SSL
  • Enable Godaddy SSL, Disable Cloudflare SSL, Disable Webflow SSL

You would need to share the published URL in order to have somebody take a look at the site to see what the issue might be.

Thanks, Miekwave! I will give this a go.