Go back link to specific anchor point

I have a question that involves custom code.

For my client, I created an overview page with all the works he sells in his art gallery. If you click on a specific work, it takes you to that work’s template page. If the user wants to go back to the overview page they can click on the cross in the top right corner. For this I have as a link: `javascript:history.back(); inserted. This works perfectly. However, my client is now asking if it is possible to go back to the anchor point where you were on the overview page. Currently the overview page reloads and you start at the top again.

Does anyone know how I can implement this?

Thank you in advance!

Link to overview page: Overview page
Link to template page: Template page

Not sure if it is possible:

Create a back button with href javascript or jquery click function maybe using jQuery and try :raised_hands:t3:

I hope you find answer soon