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Globally change site path names


I’ve a site with about 50 pages and the url is changing - so 50 full paths/page names which require changing in the navigation, as we still cannot add page names only.

Does anyone know if there is a way of globally amending the paths within Webflow (sort of find and replace)? In this case the website address is changing from a to a

By the way it would be great if we could just add the page names (and http:// not be added by Webflow!!!) - anyone from Webflow like to comment? @Waldo?


Hey Mike,

Great question! Are you just adding a different domain name?

I recommend setting up 301 re-directs for the pages (all 50 of them) then implementing the domain change and that should do the trick. :smile:

So for 301’s you’d setup: redirects to /pagename

Hi @Waldo, many thanks for the reply.

We have already setup a permanent 301 redirect from the to the When we export the html we need to remove most of the url paths and leave the just page names, but some paths need to stay. This is fine now as we remember to change the address, but will be a problem 6 months down the line when the client requests an update and we forget the url has changed.

The whole issue would be avoided if we could just add relative page names with no url. I can’t see why, or what use it is, that Webflow adds http:// when what’s added is clearly just a page name. How does http://index.html make any sense. So would really like the option to just add a page name, then those who want paths can add them and those who don’t won’t have to strip out after exporting.

Webflow is a fantastic tool and we’re finding it really useful to build templates. Not everyone wants Webflow hosting / CMS - for us it’s way too expensive given our per-client income, so we really do need this flexibility.