Global Stat Counter... very useful

I posted this thread yesterday and enjoyed the Statcounter (from all day. This morning I can’t connect at all. I tried everything. Looks like they’re down. So I went to look for a different one and found which are the same people, duh, but it’s different and has pricing info. The one at had none of that. So I dunno. Here’s the screenshot of the search. I don’t know if I caught them right in the middle of a change:

Below is the original message
I just recently discovered this free tool and I’m pretty impressed. Very useful for viewing stats such as screen resolution, OS, or devices that are used most and how that has progressed via a graph. The image below shows a few of the stats you can get. Here’s the link to the stat counter. I just had to share with my friends in case you did not know about this. :slight_smile: