Global properties in components?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for an efficient method to achieve the following:

I want to create a section where my client can edit both images and text using the editing mode. The design of the section and its elements, as well as the editable text and images, should be global to ensure that changes are reflected on multiple pages throughout the site.

Currently, I’ve turned the section into a component and created properties for the text and images. However, the issue is that only the design is global, and the text and images in the properties are not mirrored across pages.

I’m wondering if there’s a smart solution within the designer to address this, or if I have to create CMS items to keep the content global. My primary objective is to keep the editing process simple and user-friendly for the client.

I appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have! :smiling_face:

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Properties won’t be mirrored across pages because their intended use is to override component defaults on an instance by instance level. I think creating a component is the right way to go to get content mirrored globally, so really all you need to do is remove the properties and just let the client edit the component directly.

Thank you! That was my plan B, to let the client edit in design mode, without properties. It might be a bit more confusing for them, but it resolves the issue of making the entire section global.

You dont need your client to access the Design Mode.

You just have to create your Component, but without the properties.
Your client can edit the text and the images in the Editor mode and they will sync on all instances of the Component.

Hi! That doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something?
It is the “Two services” component on the homepage, also shown on the “Om oss” page.

Here is my read-only link

I checked the Component and your setup seems to be correct.

How do you try to edit the image and text?
Can you provide a screenshot?

Thank you for looking into it.

I believe I’ve resolved it: The text in the component is editable without creating properties in the “old” Editor. My reference was to the new Editing mode in the designer, where you need to create properties for text to be editable in components.

I’m curious about the reason for this difference :thinking:

Ahh okay.

I’m also a bit confused about the differences between the two Editors…
My guess is that at a certain point they will get rid of the old Editor. But I dont understand why you cant edit non-property elements in Components.

Same here. I’ve also gotten the impression that the old Editor eventually is going to be phased out, so that’s why I directed my client to the new Editing mode. However, now I may need to show them the old editor so they can edit the global section.