Global component


Is there a way to place a component in such a manner that it’ll be applied on all the created pages? For like, I just go into the site settings and place a widget there, for e.g. a header and a footer, and it’ll be placed on all the pages?!

hi @Mohammed_Dhamankar no there is not such global object but you can create a component that you can implement on any pages and any changes in this shared or “template” component is reflected on all instances of this component.

I will recommend you to visit Webflow university and invest your time to get familiar with at least basics principles how to work with this platform before you post request. The best for you will be if you will finish all courses WFU offer.

hey, thanks for the help! I know how components and instances work :wink:, I just wanted to know if there was a way to just insert an element on the global section or something and it’ll reflect on any newly created or older pages.

Just like WordPress has its global header and footer feature

hi @Mohammed_Dhamankar if you know how WF and its components works you should know there is not any global object. WF is not WP they are two different principles.

Im “NEW” to Webflow but not to components so had to ask! Anyways, thanks for your help

No problem @Mohammed_Dhamankar I understand that components are working slightly different in NextJS, React, Svelte etc., that is why I have recommend to reach WFU to learn WF basics. :wink: