Glitch while using slick slider in a tab

Hey all.

I have a Tabs Menu with two tabs, and I have a slick slider in each of the two tabs. In the designer everything is fine, but when i publish and switch to the second tab, my slider glitches far to the left, and only goes back to normal when you click and drag it slightly. When i get rid of the slick slider code for the second tab, it reacts normally. If anyone has any insight I would much appreciate it.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Anomaly

Which page, and what area of the page? I see a tab component on the homepage but there aren’t any sliders within them so not sure what I’m looking for here. Also see an area that’s hidden with a slider for testimonials. Sorry. confused.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion. It’s the tabs on the bottom of the homepage. The slider is a slick slider using custom code inside the tabs. The hidden element is a standard slider that I have as a backup.