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Giving tabs their own url

So the main navigation of this website is the tabs “For Everyday” and “For Pharmacy.” I built it with the tabs function but now realize I need to give them separate urls. Essentially I want them to act as their own pages with their own links, but be clicked on and changed using the tabs function.

I don’t know if it was the smartest/cleanest build in the first place to build whole pages within the tabs so if you have a better way of getting the same effect, I’d love to know!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Here’s an answer on an older post:

Hi I answered a similar question in this thread which might help you.

Hey Jason! Your answer was super clear and helpful, so this may be a stupid question but the thing I keep running into is the tabs I want to link to are on my home page.

In that thread, you gave her this link to use:


and in other threads I have seen this same structure for the links, i.e. including the page name before the tab. Because I want to link to tabs that are on my home page, I’m unsure if I should have a page name since the url for the home page is just The name of the page is Patch Technologies but that doesn’t appear in the home url.

Thank you for your help!

And to give more context to what I’m trying to do, I want to be able to link the mobile menu dropdown items to their respective tabs. So on desktop it’s fine, but once the website collapses for mobile, I need the tabs to have their own urls so that I can make them accessible through menu links.