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Giving embedded html webflow class styles

Continuing the discussion from How to style embeded HTML?:

Matching the class names with the embedded form (and input fields) and a webflow form does not result in the same style for me, the embedded form is not inheriting the style.

Does this still work?


How are you doing it? Please post your share link when asking for help.

Hey @rcm

It depends on who the embedded form is working. Quite a lot of them also include a link to CSS styles which may be overwriting your webflow styling: hence why things aren’t matching up.

The easiest option i’ve found in these instances is to go into the embedded code itself and add additional classes to it.

So for example if you have an input field that looks like this:

<input class="email">

Add an additional class to it as below

<input class="email mywebflowclass">

Then create a new class in Webflow with the name “mywebflowclass” and style is accordingly. This should then ensure that your styling is carried through to the live site.

PS. You’ll need to use class names that are different from the existing names in the embed to ensure it pulls through the correct styling.

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