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Giving dynamic titles to different CMS lists inside CMS pages

Hi there, I’m having trouble with titles for my filtered CMS lists inside CMS pages.

I’m working on a site that is basically a repository of articles from different parts of the world. Each article has a tag that describes what the article is about. They all are organized by country and every country is organized by continent, so it’s easy for my to create CMS lists and filter them however I need. I’m using CMS pages for the continents and inside of each page I have different filtered CMS lists that organize the articles by country. Everything works great… but what I can’t figure out is how to give titles to each list to separate them and those titles to change when I go to the next page.

i.e: Page 1: Europe. I have different CMS lists that filter articles by country and I want titles for them, like “In Spain:” and then the CMS list that shows Spain related articles, and below have “In Germany” with its corresponding CMS list and so on and so forth so that when I change to another page, i.e. Page 2: Asia, my titles change accordingly to the filter that is working for each CMS list country. Replacing “Spain” and “Germany” for “Japan” and “Vietnam” (or whatever is the case) and also updating the filter of the CMS lists.

Do you have any idea on how to achieve this or if it is even possible? I hope I’m making sense.


So you have a category “countries” that you set for each post, and a CMS page layout for coutries.

If you want to see “In {country}” as a title anywhere on this page, place a text element with “In” then another text element following it. The second page element, bind it to the Name field of the countries collection. It will read “in Spain” on the spanish page etc.

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Thanks for your quick reply, Vincent. I was able to do that much.

However, my original problem still remains:

As an example, that is CMS Page 1: Asia. Every page has several dynamic titles for the countries and CMS lists that are filtered by country as well.

Now, the mission is to make these titles change to another country from another continent when I change the page (i.e. to page 2: Europe) So the dynamic titles should change from Vietnam and South Korea in this case, to “Spain” and “Germany” (or whatever) and so would do the CMS lists which would be filtered by the corresponding country on that list and on that page.

After thinking about the logic behind, it I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work since there’s too many differences between pages, like one continent having more countries than another, but I thought I might been overseeing some setting or trick that could make this possible.

Thank you again for looking at it and if you happen to figure out a solution I’d be very thankful.