Giving designer access to a theme on a free plan to a web designer to customize

Hello everyone,

I am a web designer on a free plan and have been asked by the client to customize a paid Webflow theme he purchased. The client is also on a free plan (not a team plan). How can he give me access to the theme without upgrading to a team plan?

Thank you!

Hi, @DianaP!

As far as I know, there is only one way since he has a free plan: you can use his account. If he could transfer the website to your account, so you could make changes and transfer it back afterward, it would be better.

Thank you @GeorgyDesign ! Would you suggest for the client to make the transfer and once I customize and transfer it back, he would complete the payment for hosting and publish from his own dashboard? Right? I am also thinking that it might be better for him to send me the duplicate of theme so that he keeps the original intact. I hope it is possible without paying for the duplicate theme.

You are welcome, @DianaP!

Not gonna lie, I’m not sure how duplicating websites made on paid templates work (but I know that you can use a template just for one website), so if it’s possible, then I would suggest your client duplicate the website and transfer the copy to your account. You’ll do your job and then you’ll send the website back to the client’s account (after getting paid, of course). This is the best way in this case.

However, if a client is unable to duplicate a website due to the fact that it is based on a paid template, then I would suggest trying to transfer the original website — the client doesn’t lose anything, though, you might want to save the original website, e.g. pages and styles to let a client use it as a backup (I’m not sure if Webflow backups are saved after the transfer).

If the last option isn’t possible — design a website on your client’s account. Don’t forget to get a contract or something like that to ensure that your client will pay you after you finish your job.

To be honest, it’s better if you try pinging (using @ function on this forum) Webflow staff or experts, or even contacting the support. I’m quite curious what to do in this situation too.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

@GeorgyDesign Thank you so much! I really appreciate your prompt feedback and recommendation. Let’s see if the Webflow team could confirm what is the best way to handle the paid templates.

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@PixelGeek Hi Nelson, would you be able to advise how to proceed in this case please? Or direct me to someone else from Webflow staff who could confirm? Thank you in advance!

@DianaP - Deanna, the forums are not an official support channel. You should contact support if you need to reach them.


Sure. I’m glad to help :slight_smile:

Please, let me know about your case when you’ll find out the answer. Thanks!

Thank you for the response. I will reach out to them.