GIF Video allocation


I’m looking for some guidance on what’s next:

I have a gif video that I want to allocate “somewhere”. I’ve tried and Vimeo.
Gyphy works well, but it makes it look unprofessional, for example, when the user hovers over the video, they finally see the gyphy advertisement.
And Vimeo, the video does not play automatically.

Do you know of any place or way where I can allocate the video in gif that makes the insertion feels native, or more professional?

I’m not 100% sure what you are meaning here, but I believe if you have a GIF, you can just upload it into an image element like you would a normal static image.

Alternatively if you have an actually MP4 video, you can always use a background video element.

Just like that Tom, I thought I had to place the gif as a video. Never tried or thought to make it as static image.
Sometimes simple things are the answer… thanks for let me see this.

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