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Giant website needs to be smaller

Hi I have a giant website with a lot of info and it is taking way too long to load, any ideas on how I can make this smaller without loosing quality?


@SaraHampt Could you also post the link to the published site?

Of course thank you

I think if you do all these states in different pages it wont take that long to load (Im not an expert but thats what I think)

@SaraHampt I’ve run some tests, and I think your site is very slow to load simply due to the sheer amount of content on it. If it’s truly necessary to have all of that content on 1 page I would recommend using a lazy-load plugin. This means that the content will not load until the user scrolls down to that area of the site. As it is now, the page will load everything immediately leading to a long initial load time.

Here is an example plugin you could use: http://jquery.eisbehr.de/lazy/

If you aren’t comfortable with custom code and would like help implementing this - please send me a direct message and I’d be happy to help!

I’d break the States out into individual pages.

Obviously… it would result in 50 pages if all 50 States were listed…
then additional locations such as Washington DC… Guam… etc.

Or… break it out into Regions. North East… South West… etc.

I’d also recommend adding content for each break out page.

Otherwise… the break out pages are just a list of links (ie: Link Farm).

And Google doesn’t like those.

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Google doesn’t love one page websites, even more when there is so much info on one single page without a navigation structure or hierarchy to be picked up by the the search engines.

The lack of structure also decreases readability and the UX needs to be improved to generate more engagement.

In the end I think that you need to rethink the process and replace the lists with content that is interesting to the user. At the moment you have only a list of hospitals, but what is the purpose of that list, what services can the user find?

If you have no more content to include then I agree with @Revolution and break it by states or regions, but my first advice would be to create content to support those lists and split that into several pages.

Sadly this page has to remain one page. The client purchased the page as it is. But we didn’t forsee the major loading time issue. I am not a great coder and I can’t figure out the Lazy loader JS that was suggested earlier in the thread but if anyone has an easy to understand solution, or if anyone is willing to walk me thru what I need to do, I would love to try anything.

Page Load Time is only part of the problem

  • Maintenance and SEO are even bigger issues you will encounter with the current design.

Being that Lazy Loader is a JS solution…

  • you will likely have SEO issues if you follow the Lazy Loader route.

In short… the recommendation

  • was to trash the current design and rebuild the product with the advantage of having a better understanding of the flaws of the original design.

I’m guessing the client paid you to develop the product…

  • and would have to pay you “again”… to fix the problem ?

This is not a difficult problem to fix… but you seem hesitant

  • Is it because of (a lack of) money - availability - knowledge ?

If you can’t fix the problem the correct way… do yourself a big favor

  • just create a basic navigation on your page that allows you to access 51 pages.
  • duplicate your single 49 times
  • delete whatever info is not required on the individual 50 pages
  • create a front page that allows you jump to all 50 pages

That would

  1. Solve your speed problem
  2. Get you in a better position to improve SEO (but you still need content)
  3. Provide a better product and solution to the client.

It’s not difficult.

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