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Getting Values out of a CMS Collection list for checkbox in Form

Hi there

  1. I have a CMS Collection with a Column for 3x different room sizes, there are flats with: 3.5 rooms, 4.5 rooms and 5.5 rooms.
  2. I also have a Contact Form with 3x Checkboxes: 3.5 rooms, 4.5 rooms, 5.5 rooms (ID’s: Checkbox-35, Checkbox-45, Checkbox-55)

In the last Column, I placed an Message Icon with link to the Contact form.

When someone clicks the Message Icon in a row with 3.5 rooms, is it possible to send this value (3.5) to the checkbox in the Contact Form and activate this checkbox that comes with ID Checkbox-35? Same for Checkbox-45, Checkbox-55)

Any ideas?