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Getting started with Webflow... How to create a site like Udemy using webflow

I need to make a site similar to Udemy but using webflow.

I have only used wordpress to make pitiful websites for my personal use and blogs.
I want to turn my idea to reality and found webflow useful.
I’m not a programmer but one Electronics Designer and getting to build one website which uses alot of database and every user have its own dashboard.

How to create one as such using webflow? Is SQL only option?
Can anyone guide me to use SQL with webflow?
If yes, then how to do it?

@sillyguy - building something like Udemy is not a small task and will definitely require some programming knowledge (a lot in reality).

You can build membership sites in Webflow with the help of However, if it were me I would learn the basics of front-end web development (which Webflow is great for) and learn the back-end as well, this is a great tutorial to get started on building a web application:

This probably won’t be enough, but it’s a start.