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Getting rid of a blurry Video Background

Hey guys,

I’ve got a problem with getting a sharp background video. The original file is sharper then the version on the website.

I know - It’s not that much, but we are an advertising agency and everything has to be well presented. So is there a trick to get a sharper video?

Thanks in advance.


PS: Here ist the Link to the page:

Ok, I’ve examined the video on the live version. Webflow seems to reduce the resolution. Is that right? Maybe a staff member can help to bypass this reduction. @staff

Hope to get a solution for this. #crossfingers :slight_smile:


Webflow transcodes uploaded videos into mp4 and webm formats.

About the size (resolution/dimensions) of the video, it should be almost or the same as the original video’s aspect ratio.

ORIGINAL 3950KB > TRANSCODED 345KB (~90% reduction in file size)

After reducing quality and file size by ~90% via transcoding, the quality is further “reduced” by ~90% due to stretching the video three times the size of its container width and height using negative positions, so that it can fill the container:


There is no trick to make the quality better. I suggest you use a custom coded solution using the direct file you linked above as a workaround, if you think your visitors can afford to download a 4MB video file.


First things first: Thank’s for the fast response and solution! :slight_smile:

With “custom coded solution” you mean after I’ve exported the code or can I use the custom code section within webflow?

Greetings and thanks again.

You can do this directly in Webflow using the Embed Code. Good luck!


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