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Getting my webpage recognised by "google for jobs"


I have done a little search and it seems there is not much on this topic (unless I am missing something!). My designer has built a great jobs website but we are unsure how/if its possible to get google to search it for “google for jobs”.

Does anyone have any experience with this at all?

Thank you,

Hey Dan,

The most important thing to remember when trying to rank for any keyword is the searcher intent. If someone searches ‘google for jobs’ they could be looking for a job at google, or as I believe you are thinking a search engine to find jobs.

In general, that keyword will be a tough nut to crack because there are a lot of really big jobs sites out there.

Here is the pure search volume for the phrase ‘google for jobs’:

Pretty solid search volume, and many (about half) of those searching do in fact click on something. So it is important to then see what is getting the traffic:

As you can see, Google themselves have the top two spots for this inquiry followed by a lot of other really big sites.

So that is a bit of thinking on the ‘if’. As for the ‘how’, you need to write great content on the subject, get backlinks to your site, and maintain great onsite SEO. And then (unfortunately) continue to do these things for 12-24 months. At that point, you’ll be ranking for a ton of keywords, and possibly even your main goal keyword of ‘google for jobs’.

Hopefully this is helpful in at least beginning to put together a strategy - let me know if you have any other questions / thoughts / comments!


What tool are you using for those statistics? I’m having trouble placing it.

Screenshots are from!

Hi both,

First off - really appreciate the detailed response! Sadly, I have not been clear enough on my initial post.

What i want, is my job to be recognised by googles “google for jobs”, it requires a certain code.


(i want my website to integrate directly with google)

Any help is hugely appreciated.

Your page links to these instructions:, which has to be on the webpage somewhere so that Google will identify this as a “job”.