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Getting Moment.js to work for date/time


I want to create a calendar website with future events. Instead of the date/time showing “9 March” I want it just to say “Tomorrow”.

It was solved in this thread using Moment.js: Language markup that can show dynamic dates in different languages

I don’t really understand what to do to make it work though. If anyone could clarify how to make it work for a beginner of Webflow I’d appreciate it a lot!

Here is my share link:

Here is link to Moment.js:

And if anyone know how solve my problem using something other than Moment.js, feel free to suggest something else.


Hey @vwis

You need to use the .calendar(); function, then add 1 day.

Here’s a working example;

// get tomorrow and remove time from date.
var tomo = moment().add(1, 'days').calendar().split(" at")[0]; 

//log output

Hey Ricky! Thanks for your response. Where do I put this code? Would you be able to share a link to a project where it’s working?

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I’m in the same boat. Trying to make MomentJS work on Webflow as a total noob. Anything on your side since you posted?

did you solve it? Looking for a solution

Moment.js has reached its useful life and there is a much smaller and more efficient library that replaces it called day.js which has a very similar syntax. I have built countdown timers and other cool things using both on Webflow and am available for gig work. Let me know.