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Getting font to change to bold on tap (not pressed)

We have a filter bar with 4 categories: All, toners, serums, and moisturizers.

By default, the ‘All’ category is selected. When user taps on any category, the selected category should have bold text, and all the other categories to have normal text weight.

Can someone let us know how we may achieve this please? Thank you.

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Hi @skinpores!

To solve this I would use the tabs component. You will have to re-link everything for interations but you just add the amount of tabs you need remove the tabs content section. This will allow you to select the starting tab which would be equvalient to filter-option and also allows you to use “Current” as a state where you can select bold text in current state and normal text in none.

Let me know if you need more help,


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Thanks @DasSean!!! :slight_smile: We didn’t even know about the tabs component (still amateurs on Webflow).

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Thank you! I thought I may have been able to use this method but I lost confidence when I couldn’t get it to work. Your comment made me try harder and it worked.

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