Getting flight schedules data from external API


Sorry to bother you all but I am redesigning the website of a certain company in the aviation industry as part of my portfolio using webflow.

I don’t have much coding experience, but am trying to create a section on my website which displays daily flight schedules for a certain airport.

I have registered to obtain some data from Aviationstack where I obtained a API key - it seems that the data I want can be fed into my website on webflow using JNOS.

The problem here is that on my end, I am not sure about

  1. Where in the project designer I should place the code to make the query?

  2. How can I express the results of the query in the form of tables? I assume that this can be something involving the building of containers, div boxes and other elements but how do I make the data fall into the space I want?

Many thanks if anyone here can help!

I would advise creating an embed block using sotmehing like vue.js as its easier to feed it with data from api and can be independent from rest of site. just make sure that part and object of the site doenst have have Webflow interactions as interactions uses jquery which conflicts with vue.js