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Getting CMS grid to match a "Header" grid ***FIXED****

Hi all. So I’m trying to build a baseball stats section that is populated from a CMS collection. If you reference the screenshot below, I have a “header” row set up in GRID (The “Player” and stat abbreviations “AB”, “H”, “1B”, etc). Then a collection list pulling in all the players and their stats, which is set up in a separate GRID.

My problem is the “header” abbreviation’s columns do not line up with the columns from the CMS collection. Any idea how I can get them to be the same size so everything lines up centered?

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Desktop ONLY at this point. I haven’t made it to the responsive design yet.

I figured it out. Needed to place the CMS list inside a div that was displayed Grid and gave the columns in both grids a set width.

I originally had the CMS itself displayed GRID.