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Getting a background color on the hero section. Can't figure out from where is it getting that

There’s a background color behind the hero section on the following page. I’ve tested every element individually if that is creating some problems, but no luck. Also, the color seems to be dynamic, as it changes from time to time.

Read only link:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can’t find anything either.
Have you checked if there is some custom code in your dashboard that would affect the background color?

Hi, @Keshav_Sharma
I believe i figured out why you have dynamic color changes on the hero section, im not sure how to fix it but after 30min of digging trough your page element navigator i found out where the color is pulled, it comes from your CMS collections.
Now what i think you would have to do is have a different class for the hero and just add the Content of the blog not all its element from you CMS, so in that way it will be pulled from your collection to hero section of the page without the BG color.

Hopefully you get my idea and how to fix this. Im new to webflow platform and some times i dont know exactly how to call certain elements on the builder.

Feel free to ask me more questions and ill try my best to help.