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Getting a 20 CMS Lists per page warning when I only have 12

The problem: I have a “Main Nav” symbol that contains 12 Collection Lists (used in dropdowns, etc). When I attempt to unlink an instance of the symbol, I get the error “You cannot have more than 20 Collection Lists on a single page” even if there is absolutely nothing else on that page. The math doesn’t add up.

Why I’m here in the first place: I only need this second, un-linked version of the navbar so I can put it on the 404 page. Webflow won’t allow any dynamic content (ie Collection Lists) on 404 pages, so I need a second nav from which I can delete all the Collection Lists, so the 404 page will at least sort of look like it does on the rest of the site. Would be lovely to have this restriction lifted, but that’s a different issue.

The way I see it, either I have to rebuild a new collection-list-free version of the navbar from scratch, or, hopefully someone here can help me figure out what is happening.

Here is my public share link: LINK - See “Test - Hidden” Page for a pure example page with no other content, just the symbol in question.

Do not unlink your symbol, just go inside and copy the necessary content. Then delete the symbol and paste that content on the page. Wrap with divs as necessary

Ok thanks for the suggestion! That would fall under “rebuild a new collection-list-free version of the navbar from scratch,” which is fine, but doesn’t really help avoid this in the future or explain what I did that’s wrong.

Any theories as to why I would be getting the error “You cannot have more than 20 Collection Lists on a single page” when I have fewer than 20 Collection Lists? Did I do something wrong or do we think this a bug?

I tried inspecting the error with React DevTools but couldn’t find anything illuminating, just the error text itself.

Alternatively, any insight as to why we can’t have Collection Lists on 404 pages?

Thanks in advance!

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My theory is the unlinking somehow is made before the symbol is deleted completely to service logic. So first we have to have two lists, then one is deleted

edit: two sets of lists I meant

Ohhh ok! Yes, I think that would explain it. Thank you!

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