Getting 404 on form submission

I would need some urgent help as my forms are not getting submitted anymore. I get 404 from the webflow API. ReCaptcha is disabled on my website.
Can you help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Etinne, you’ll need to contact Webflow support directly to let them know.
My guess is this is related to the spam issue Webflow’s currently resolving

Matthew indicated this email might be working again -

If not, use-


I know the team is working on some emergency resolutions for the spam issue, but they seem to be blocking legitimate form submissions as well. I’ve seen a few of these today, including a reprot of CORS errors.

Hey @Etiennedej what @memetican said is likely the case. As the team is actively working to identify what is and is not spam, if you have legitimate form submissions that aren’t getting through please report those to the support team using this link and click the large email card. Webflow Support | Webflow

This will help us define what is non-spam.

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