getElementById - dynamic chart reference trouble

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! Been trying to get this to work for ages. I’ve been working with the plasso API and it looks pretty promising - I’d like people who sign up to tag a relevant product and they can find applicable insights for that.

I’m trying to use some of the chart options available on - playing around with the first chart here. For the chart I want to build there are thousands of different products available so when a user selects a product I’d like the chart to update. For simplicity, I’ve been trying to just change the “Continent” fields that this chart uses but can’t get it to work.

The user info will be coming through in the textbox ID “textbox” and some of the other boxes above that I’ve created are variations of trying to get this reference to work but to no avail.

Live version is here - some references won’t work as you aren’t signed up.

The preview version is here

Help would be hugely appreciated.

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Hi @cbailey!

Thanks for using Plasso! Is there a particular use-case for Flexkit that you’re wanting to deploy on your project and are getting stuck in Webflow? We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your project and how it’d be integrated in Webflow.

We’ll look into and try to get you over an answer for that as well :slight_smile:


Hey @paywithplasso - was great to speak to you guys a few weeks ago. I will send over a dashboard link to your email (it’s SUPER basic), just had a lot of other projects and parts of the website to concentrate on for the moment!

Hopefully we can build a bit of a case study together.

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Sounds good! Shoot it over an we’ll take a look!

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Any news here? I’m super excited to hear more about possibilities!

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Hey! Yep, @cbailey’s site is coming along as we’re currently building out Flexkit. More info can be found as far as communicating “Events” through Flexkit here. We’d love more Webflow to create their own payment forms, ecommerce carts, and log in/log out pages with Flexkit. Shoot me over an email and we’ll get you set up on a trial to start building :slight_smile:


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Hi David, good to hear! I’ll try something out next week (after the holiday’s) and DM with results. I’m really fond of your solution so far, it’s the best thing since, which unfortunately closed 2 years ago. Thanks for your efforts so far. Enjoy Christmas!

Hey guys! I’m looking to create a content site using Plasso’s Flexkit to create a bookmarking solution. My goal is to allow users to bookmark any of the two types of content we provide (step by step guides & online articles), preferably giving them the ability to add these to folders with custom names.

A good example is how on Airbnb users can save homes they’re interested in to specific folders (wishlists) and you can name that wishlist Boston or New York.

Can this be done Using your service? I’ll learn whatever I have to in order to accomplish this if you have any resources.