Get webflow to respond to subdomain-app login status


We have some public facing webflow pages seen by unauthenticated users at and several Ruby on Rails apps that run at a subdomain,

It’s easy to transfer users over to a Ruby on Rails page when they click the login menu item in our nav bar so they can sign in to use the apps available at, but once signed there in we have two problems:

Problem 1

Once signed in, when users navigate back to the webflow splash page and again look at the navbar on our splash page (or any other webflow page), they are not shown signed in status.

The solution to this needs to work its way around cross site scripting constraints, and may involve a iFrame on each webflow page, with javascript based communication between the iFrame and the hosting webflow page.

This can’t be a unique problem in the webflow world, and I wonder if there is a standard solution, or if someone can point us in the correct direction, please, to solve this.

Problem 2

This is related to problem 1, in that we need to change the destination of some webflow navber menu items when a user is signed in. This seems to be simple JavaScript related to the solution of problem 1.

Again, I’d be interested in standard solutions if there are any please?

Thanks, Mark