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"Get URL from product" shows no fields for button

Hi, ignore the weird design (especially the buttons) I was just testing a theory…anyway.

How do you connect a store front to the individual product pages? I assumed it would be with a simple button and then select “Get URL from Products”. In mine though it says “No fields to connect to” so I can’t select anything. The “Add to cart” button does work though. We wanted the store front to connect to the individual product page. I can unlink the individual designs for each product and manually put in an external link but I’d have to redesign each product card separately. I’d assume using the “Get URL from products” would be the way to go but why is there no field available?

Thanks in advance.

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@ShellyV you would choose ‘Collection Page’ (purple icon) as the link type and then choose ‘Current Product’ in the Page dropdown.

I could hug you… I think I’ve been working so hard on this lately and just wanted it done that I didn’t realize to click on those buttons… I could hug you!! Thank you!!

@ShellyV you are welcome :hugs: