Get Text From {Collection Field} List Disappears

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If you have experience with Webflow CMS you probably can solve this in a jiffy…

I am displaying {Collection Field}s inside of an unordered list. There must be a better way but I couldn’t think of one so I have created 2 columns: left column has bullets and label for what the list item is intended to show and the right column has list from CMS without bullets. I need these to ultimately sync up so that it reads to the viewer as though it was one row all the way from the label through to the collection field passed in via CMS.

Currently if Collection Field is blank, the list item is just not displaying (which is a logical functionality) but it’s shifting up my rows and then the labels do not match the collection fields.

  1. Do you know a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do? For example, I have “Year Founded” as a Collection Field, but if I want to display that on the page just having 1982 floating there is not enough context for the website visitor so I need to have a label or preceding text to say Year Founded: {1982} (curly braces only for emphasis that this is the collection field)

  2. If no better way, how do you keep list items from disappearing when blank per CMS collection field being blank?

Please see my read only link below to take a deeper look.

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Here is my public share link: SOLVED :slight_smile: thank you though.

Then go to the Schools Template page to see what I am talking about…the class is School-Details