Get rid of 1 Pixel Gap


I have two search forms, one on the top, the other at the bottom. The text field and submit button are left floated so they line up. The issue I am having is in IE there is a 1 pixel gap between the text field and submit button.

I’ve spent hours trying to fix this and would GREATLY appreciate someone taking a look and telling me why there is an IE only 1 pixel gap.

Thanks in advance!


Your link doesn’t work.

Try to set margins and padding to specifically zero on these elements, there’s must likely a default somewhere on IE that you need to reset.

I tried setting all margins and padding to zero and that didn’t help.

Hopefully this link works:

Can you help? Thanks.


The two IE I have don’t show a pixel gap.

But you can use a simpler way to achieve the same result and there will be no gap.

Watch how I’ve done it:

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