GET Podcast API

Hi All!

I’m currently rebuilding a website that has a curated list of podcasters.

In the current build (not webflow), Listennotes is being used as the podcaster/episodes resource.

Listennotes uses an API & API Key to GET the podcasters/episodes by id. Is there a way to achieve this with custom code and not expose my API Key on the frontend?

Hi Kyle you can build a simple middle tier.
I typically do this using serverless functions through a platform like Netlify or Xano.

If you want something nocode there are paid solutions that might work to help you- nocode api, or wized for example.

Is it possible to do this using Webflow Logic?

Not easily. If listenotes has a webhook that fires on updates, and its data structure is flat, and your CMS contains only plain text fields - then Logic might be usable through a webhook trigger.

Unfortunately, their webhook only offers a POST/DELETE function. I am getting the data to pull which seems promising, but I don’t know If it’ll work the way I intend.

Yes, you’re headed down the wrong path, Logic was never completed as a product.
Development on Logic and Memberships were both halted around May 2023.

If you want to go the automation route, Make, Zapier, n8n, Pipedream… there are lots of complete automation platforms you can use.

Bummer! That looked so promising. Thanks for saving me time!