Get Navbar to stay on all pages?

I’m having issues trying to understand how to get a link to a different page to pop out on my homepage. I want the navigation bar on the left to remain and not reload with each page. Trying to find it online, is it a Modal? Inline CSS? Pop up?

Like this website –

Thank you

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Do you have a link to your project?

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Oops sorry about that

Is there any reason you don’t want the navbar to load with each page? In Webflow navbars are often set up as Symbols so they can be quickly added to each new page and they are therefore reloaded when each new page is opened.

If you want the navbar to remain (and not reload) then basically you need to just have the entire website built using just one page (so there are no page reloads at all) and have the navbar contained in one section of the page and change the content that is displayed in another section of the same page so that it gives the illusion of new pages being loaded.

Hey thanks for the response!

If you look at my topic posting - I want it to look like this page

Where it pops out of a link on the homepage and you can still see navbar to the left and can close out of this pop out linked page with ease.

I understand, thanks. In this example there is only one page being loaded. The main content of the page is in different div sections and the “different pages” are being hidden and displayed by controlling the opacity of each separate div. If you load the page in Chrome and press F12 you get the dev tools you can see the code being used on the page. If you navigate to the area shown on the screenshot and highlight the “main-data” div you can hide and show the main content by changing the opacity value from 1 to 0.

Oh wow, good idea to check the code on it- I didn’t think of that.
I’ll see if I can give this a try! Smart thinking!! Thank you!

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I’m now practicing with the Div Block for a “page” instead. Trying to trail & error it - unsure about how to change the opacity to 100 once the Linked Block Image is clicked. Hm.

The “Show and Hide Elements on Click” video from Webflow University may be helpful.

Worked great!! Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with this for days.

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@britishchap this is a terrible solution if you have any concern for SEO