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Get form input to use in page

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if its possible yo use some input text that a user just submitted on a form for example to say: Thank you for completing this name we’ll get back to you at email.

Thank you very much.


Since Variables not implement in WF you need to use custom code for this purpose.

Thank you for your answer,

Do you have a “how to” on this or could you explain me a litlle how to do this?

Thank you very much.


Don’t have A specific link, take this as A good start point for using custom code within Webflow :slight_smile:

You could just write a little jquery to “catch” the value the user inputs and re-use it elsewhere.

In jQuery you can use .val() for this > For reference :
And then writing down the value with .text() > For reference :

This is pretty easy if everything happens on the same page. If you change pages you’d need to store the value in a cookie to pass it through…

I hope this helps

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Hi @ollo,
@Finsweet made a great tutorial for this.

You basically to change a few class names.

Here’s an example of your specific use case I did for a client.

<script src=''></script>
// when the DOM is ready
$(document).ready(function() {
	// store a reference to the select field in the $interestSelectField variable
	const $surnameField = $('#prenom');
	// store a reference to the email form in the $emailForm variable
	const $emailForm = $('#wf-form-Formulaire-de-contact');
	// declare & initialize the customSuccessMessage variable 
	// with the value of the option selected 
	// on the interest select field
	let customSuccessMessage = $surnameField.val();

	// every time the option on the select field changes
		// assign the new selected option's value to the customSuccessMessage variable
		customSuccessMessage = $(this).val();

	// when the form's submit button is clicked 
		// if the user selected an option on the select field
  		// save the customSuccessMessage's value in a cookie
  		Cookies.set('successTextCookie', customSuccessMessage);
  		// then we submit the form
  		return true;
  	else{	// else if no option was selected
  		// focus on the select field
    	// prevent form submission
    	return false;

Mine is targeting the first name of the sender. The ID is “Prenom” (first name in French).

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Thank you very much @shokoaviv and @pepperclip.

@ColibriMedia I didn’t knew that youtube channel I’m gonna look it up, thanks also! I Think this is exactly what I was looking for.