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Get fit for your wedding -

Hey everyone! Last week my buddy and I released which is a 68 page ebook to get women fit for their wedding. We partnered up with a certified trainer to help create the book. We also created a full video inventory with the CMS that we imported with Google drive. This was a youtube / vimeo sourced CMS which is connected to the EBOOK Links to help users understand exactly how to do the workout.

You can see the live link here:

Some of the workout CMS

Currently finding bugs on the site here and there so if you find anything let me know. :slight_smile:

Also more than happy to answer any questions any one may have. This is my first webflow site I have personally done, so don’t go easy on me haha! I need to learn.

Also if you want to help an inspiring entrepreneur a Facebook share would be super helpful or even a like on our fb page:

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Hey @Shea_Lewis !

Nice site :slight_smile:

There is some horizontal scrolling on mobile maybe you should check your overflows:

My best

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Yeah! We are trying to figure that out and cant figure it out at all! :frowning:

Feel free to add your site share link here so I can try to help (if you need) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help!

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Try to set the overflow of your “content” div to hidden for tablet mode (and so mobile too)


Hmm… That didnt do the trick.

Hey @Shea_Lewis, sorry it didn’t do the trick :s

Maybe try to reduce the width of your “link Block 2” (link to your contact page) on mobile to fit the enveloppe container (or set the width to auto?)

Hope this will work :slight_smile:


If you are ever in LA. I owe you a beer. Thanks you sir!


@Shea_Lewis That site is super nice, I love it! Awesome job! Perfect color scheme, nice spacing, cool font, everything. Very nice.

thank you so much! Next planning on adding some super subtle animation.

Hello!! Guys!!
Nice site!

Hi @Shea_Lewis - Great site. I found this thread because I looking for something else but stumbled on this.
Really like what you did.
So I thought of something soon as I looked at it, I love that you have the ebook cover as position: fixed.
Perhaps the bouquet could also be fixed?

I went into your preview designer and made it such and recorded it… see it here:

Would just want that for desktop/tablet obviously, but I think it adds such a nice touch since you’re making great use of the L/R white space areas.
Cheers, great job.

Nice work. I like the color and overall design.