Get data from link I used to form in linked page

Im making a simple food quality questionnaire for a restaurant. On first page, the guest will pick the food he had by clicking on picture of that food. That will redirect him to the page with form where he score the food and make comments to submit.

The think is, that I need to somehow get the information about which food was chosen on the first page into the form on the second page. So I can find this information with other submitted form data.

My idea is to make a page with questionnaire for every image of food and then get the info from URL of that specific page into hidden input block. Get the specific name of the food would be even better. But it will change daily via CMS.

Do you have any ideas how to do this.
Thanks for help

Here is my public share link: Webflow - LaFrescaDotaznik

Hey Frantisek,

If you are selecting only one food at a time, and then filling out a questionnaire just on that food, I’d use the CMS and the put the form on the food’s collection page. You’ll know which food it is, and can capture that in a hidden field in your form.

If you are selecting multiple foods, and you need all of them captured in the form it’s a bit more complex, similar to a shopping cart experience. I usually build these using custom script and sessionStorage. It’s not very complex but it requires a good knowledge of javascript programming.

If you need help with thatm you can click my name above and message me, I’ll send you my details.