Get data from 2 Collection

I juste have a difficulty to understand how to link data from 2 collection

I have one with

  • Name
  • LOGO IMAGE => Reference => ENTREPRISE

a second one with

  • NAME
  • LOGO

How does i get the “ENTREPRISE” Logo url from my Logo/Image association. I can find the field but how can i select the logo that match to my client ?

Hope i’am clear.
Thanks for your help

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @altcodes,

Can you share your Webflow designer read-only link?

There is the read only link :slight_smile: i forgot

You mention that you want to find the URL of the image and not actually display the image. You can do that by doing this:

  1. Add collection list for clients
  2. Add embed inside
  3. Open embed and in top right corner you’ll have an option “+add field”
  4. select the appropriate field you want to pull in ( you can display that image by just appending it to an image element but if you need URL for some reason you can use it like this)

Let me know if this helped, cheers @altcodes