Get current user id into the input field

I am having trouble filtering a CMS collection list by the current user ID on my Webflow blog website.

I have set up webhooks to get user information and IDs into a dedicated CMS collection. I have also created a profile page and a CMS collection list in the header, with links to the profile page template.

I want to filter that list so that specific users will be able to see their own profile link item, and clicking on that will redirect them to their profile page.

I have prepared everything, but I am unable to get the current user ID into the input field to filter the list with help of Finsweet attributes.

I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue. Is there any workaround?

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The current user ID is not made available client-side, but there’s a workaround that can make it accessible.
You’ll need an external automation like Make, and the Sygnal Attributes User Info lib.

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So it sounds like you are on a static page, with a Collection List, yes? But then you say you want “specific users” so only see their own profile links.

How do you know who a user is? Are you using Webflow Memberships? Something else?

If you’re using Webflow Memberships, the CMS and User Accounts (Memberships) are 2 totally separate data stores that have no association or linkage to each other.

So that’s where this starts to break down and some fairly involved hacks would need to be created as a workaround.

Have you looked at other solutions like Memberstack? They make it trivial. @DuncanHamra

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