Get ALL Collection Data

Would just like to ask if there’s a way to pull all data from a collection in 1 go? (Sorry, quite new to Webflow.) Because right now, I have a collection with more than 100 entries and because of pagination, it’s not showing the entries beyond 100. I went looking online for tutorials and possible solutions and saw someone suggest to use Integromat to parse the data into JSON and then pushing the JSON data into Webflow but I haven’t figured out how to do this.

To my knowledge, the Collection List will inherently limit you to 100 items and then paginate. There is no option to go beyond that, even with a higher level hosting plan.

But, here are some options that might work for you.

OPTION 1 - Use multiple Collection Lists, each of them set to a different span. 1-100, 101-200, and so on. Make sure they’re all using the same sort and filter settings so that you get the same continuous selection.

But if you’re talking hundreds of items, that’s unweildy.

OPTION 2 - Get your data externally from the API, and feed it back to your site for use as JSON

Integromat or Zapier allow you to access your site’s Collections externally, and do things with it- like create a JSON feed or a CSV or update a Google Sheet. You can then do script programming to re-integrate it into your site.

Yes Option 2 is a lot more work, but realistically when you’re doing hundreds of items, you wouldn’t want to use a Collection List anyway. You’d want a way to load more data in realtime as the user scrolls so that the site is usable. Much like the Facebook feed works.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Can you give me more information on how Integromat can be scheduled to create a JSON feed or update a Google Sheet? Unfortunately, I have some limitations on what I can do because I’m working for an NGO and I need to work with either free/low cost solutions or with whatever tools they already have on hand (which is Webflow and Google Cloud)…

I’ve not used Integromat, but if you search here you’ll find posts, code and config from folks who have. I’ve seen discussions of integrations, which is why it came to mind.

Note, I’ve just found that Integromat has been renamed to Make. Here you’ll have more luck searching Integromat, more unique as a keyword.

Depending on what you’re trying to do, exactly, you’re almost certainly going to be doing some coding.

If you can store your data in some accessible feed like CSV or JSON, I have a library that can convert that to HTML tables here. But that’s more for specific tabular situations… price table, country lists, etc.

Nearly forgot, I also created a Repeater version of this function;

A Google sheet can be published and accessed as CSV, which my library can convert to JSON. I’ve not tried connecting this back into the Webflow API, but Integromat/Make may be able to bridge that gap, depending on your data needs.