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Get a weird webflow promo message

get a weird webflow promo message at the end of the form when people fill it out, which I don’t want to have there.

How do I remove it from the form?

Promo message? Can you provide a public link?

Hi @Aimanisms, we do not put any Webflow promo messages in the form success or fail messages. Could you provide a link or a screenshot of what you are referring to ? I am happy to take a look :smile: Cheers, Dave

As you see in the screenshot, it does do it, after I fill in the required information I get a promo message of webflow. I don’t pay for this service to get ads in my website? So what is this? A bug?

@cyberdave @vincent

Hi @Aimanisms, thanks for your update. Was this site based on a template? Do you have a read-only link to share, that I can take a look at the element? If you do not want to share your public link here in the forum, you can Private Message the link to me, and I will have a look. Cheers, Dave

It seems to be just part of the design. If you select your form and go to the settings tab. You can select the success message. It will appear on screen for you to edit. You can edit the message and link the social media buttons to your own profiles. Or remove the social buttons all together; it’s really up to you.

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Yes! @Davidn You were right, I removed it, and it works perfectly.

Thanks for that.

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