Geolocation based on GPS

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way/service to redirect users based on heir GPS location? I’ve been testing Geo Targetly, but they offer only IP based geolocation and it isn’t accurate enough for what I need (need to target small towns)

Outside of IPs the only way you have is to ask for geolocation permissions using the Geolocation_Api Geolocation API - Web APIs | MDN ( but take in consideration that majority of users will deny to share their positions

I recall coming across an Google API service that offers some improved level of geolocation, using a combination of data… IP, mobile network, wifi network, etc. A bit big-brothery, but important for some of Google’s services like maps and of course geo-targeted ads.

I think it’s available to use through the Maps APIs, you’ll need to investigate.
The big advantage I think is that it operates behind the scenes to get the best positioning data possible.

Chances are it will be quite a bit better than a pure IP-address lookup, but nowhere near as good as the Geolocation API can provide [ for mobiles with GPS specifically ].