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Geographic triggers

Can editors create triggers that will allow for a more personal experience for visitors? For example if I visit the site, the home page banner or notification displays the nearest location to me.

Hi @Ccg,

Thanks for the great question. At the moment Webflow does not have GeoLocation services built in, however Webflow does let you use custom code in the header or footer and jQuery is baked in to every site.

This means you can use custom jQuery plugins like this one:

You have to do a little extra custom code, but it is possible.

Here is how to use custom code:

I hope this helps.

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Also, how to use a plugin hosted on Github: How to embed files hosted on Github

Hi there!

Here is one solution worth checking out: Geo Targetly.
It can identify your website visitors’ physical locations by IP using IP geolocation service technologies.

Its particular tool, Geo Content can dynamically display location-specified banners, forms, contact numbers, etc. In your case, you could easily set up rules displaying nearest shops to visitors using the tool. No programming is necessary.

Hope it helps!