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Generated Products & Categories pages are empty

I enabled the ecommerce and started populating all necessary info. The system generates 4 pages for you which you can then start customizing.

The checkout and order confirmation page are populated and seem to be okay. The generated Products and Categories pages are completely empty though, not a single element in them save for the body…

How can I get these pages to be populated properly?


Welcome to Webflow. The design is completely in your hands. Build the page as you see fit. Add elements to the product template page and connect the bindings to the appropriate product info. If this is completely foreign to you, it works nearly exactly like the cms collection pages. This university tutorial should help you out to understand designing a template page and adding the bindings.

Hope this helps. Happy designing!


Hi Matthew, thanks for the welcome.

Are you saying it’s expected behavior that 2 out of the 4 generated ecommerce pages have nothing in them? If the system would have you do everything from scratch, why generate some pages and not others? This just seems more like a bug than a feature…

Can anyone confirm they have had these 2 specific pages generated empty?


Yes, this is expected behavior.

  • 2 static pages (checkout page, order confirmation page)
  • 2 collection template pages (products, categories)
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