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Generate pages with symbols

Hey everyone,
I’m new to Webflow and my client wants to convert his Wordpress website in Webflow. This client has use cases, I was thinking using collection but they have different layouts with the same symbols, for example, sometimes there will have no gallery or sometimes the text will not have the same place.

So what I wanted to do is when you create an entry in the collection, you have different inputs, these inputs are connected from symbols already created and you choose which one you want and choose the order. Then it generates the page with this information. Is something equivalent is possible?

I watched a lot of tutorials and never found a response, I don’t know if I have the right terms for my research so I come here.

Thank you

Using conditional formatting you can create different layouts even if it’s in the same collections. I do that with my site which has many articles. If there is a soundcloud embed - I display the player styled like I want it. If it’s a review, the images are much larger. If I include a gallery it’s there (but not if there is no gallery). Etc. etc.

Thank you for your response.

I’ll try something like that but I’m afraid there are too many variants. I check your response as a solution but I might create a static page for each project…

That’s the best solution if there aren’t too many pages you want to make :slight_smile:

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