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General Workflow.. Desktop To Mobile Moving Down ? Why does this not inherit? (screenshots included)

Hey, this is just a general question, but when doing designs, are you supposed to work from Desktop to Mobile?

The reason I ask, is because you know, I change something say, the H1 header on the desktop, I want the font for all H1’s to be something specific. However, when I change it on desktop, it doesn’t apply the same font change to mobile. I have to go and change each view as I go down.

Is this normal? Or is there a way to change say the font style for all H1’s across the board?

For example, I changed the font on my H1 header, to make it “ubuntu”:

Then, when I go down to mobile, the font didn’t get inherited, I need to change the font style here as well to ubuntu, it’s still the default:

Nevermind… I figured it out… the 1200 desktop view with the Star on it is the base breakpoint where all the other styles are inherited from… I created a 1920 design where I basically did everything, but it was custom and never inherited by anything lol… so when I make changes on the 1200 with the star… that is the one that allows everything to be inherited from…only way to learn is to make mistakes :slight_smile:

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